John's early music training includepiano and trumpet. High school found him in choral and ensemble singing. Rebellig, musically, in high scholl he took up guitar and banjo. In college at Cornell he saw Country Cooking and experienced his "Bluegrass Conversion". He played in the New York area with "Local Talent". John has been part of the bluegrass scene in Milwaukee area for 15 years playing and singong with several area bands. He co-founded "Grass & Eclectic Co." band. He also has been involved with the East Troy Bluegrass festival as co-chair and treasurer.

John plays a "LouZee" banjo and a Martin guitar. John can provide a "Banjo Permit" to any aspiring picker in need of such questionable defense from excitable neighbors. Also promoter of bluegrass jam rules of engagement "No accordions at a bluegrass jam".

Mark brings 30 years of bluegrass music and band experiance and has the mandolin chops to prove it. Also a great singer and guitar player. Mark lives in Germantown, WI area and has been a long time member of 'Pike Creek Band"

Chet brings a song knowledge that can't be matched. He knows, can play and sing more songs at the drop of a hat. He plays a old Martin guitar which starting to loo like Willy Nelson's. Chet also plays with the Irish band "Tiz". If you come to one of our shows he will ask if anyone has a request and there is a good chance he might know it.

Jeff has been playing music since junior high where he was a classically trained bass player. Later moving on to guitar, mandolin and electric bass playing what was ever needed. He has been involved in church worship for 20 plus years and refers to himself as a utility player on call for what is needed. Meeting up with John at a bluegrass jam he joined him in "Grass & Eclectic Co." Later joining the WAMI award winning Bluegrass band "Liberty Bluegrass Band' playing all over Milwaukee, cutting two CD's and a short tour of east coast. He now manages this band.